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The March of Progress depicts 15 human evolutionary forebears lined up, the illustration was commissioned by Time-Life Books for the Early Man volume (1965).  However, since then the illustration is incorrect, there are several new possiblilities that seem more accurate.  It is so frustrating when you deal all around the world and you get intelligent people speaking with you, laughing with you and enjoying life, respecting one another and then you have Americans.  For fuck sake.  If you go to a Scandinavian country everyone is intelligent, gets a little fucking crazy on Friday and Saturday nights with people falling and spilling drinks but all in good fun and everyone is kind and having a good time with no fighting or nonsense, so different than any other place in the world of attitude and nonsense.  Then you have America where everyone gets asshurt over every little trivial thing and then they think they can tell everyone else how to live their lives.  It is true Americans have the freedom to tell you this, but thank God I am American and I can tell you to shut the fuck up and grow up.  I am tired of being laughed at everywhere you go with an American accent, I do find it funny that Canadian wear shirts and stickers that say I am Canadian not American, treat me with respect.  I have personally seen this in countless countries and laugh but still think it is pathetic that is how Americans are viewed.  We have the world view of being the retarded cousins of the rest of the world.  We spend the most on education but yet we have the dumbest population.  So dumb that they can not live their own lives and need to watch other retards live theirs on tv.  Most don't know how to read anymore, and now learned their common core math so these idiots don't even know how to make change for you because subtraction with common core takes forever and makes no logical sense to use in the first place.  Generations with shit filled into their heads, parents that don't give a fuck and a society of self righteous, spoiled brats that think they are entitled and everyone should kiss their asses.  Then they go on the forums on the internet and cry about anyone that speaks out against these facts.  The shit talkers are on the forums and they don't spend money, they have no careers, no respectible jobs and live at home in their mom's basement smoking pot and sitting around in their underware talking shit about everyone and everything they can and then buy into every conspiracy concept some tin foil hat wearing moron can come up with.  Fuck, then they buy the cheapest fucking shit possible and then cry about how it sucks so bad and that Chinese shit is terrible but yet that is what is sold all across American because they have become the disposable society.  Junk health care, junk cars, junk food, junk furniture, junk houses, junk, junk and more junk.  These forum asshats are what I call mall ninjas, they tell everyone they are in the armed forces that they were special forces and make a point of this, well you playing HALO or Call of Duty does not make you a real man nor a member of the honorable men that serve.  So I am going to tell you to shut the fuck up you disgraceful scumbags on,, and every other forum that allows the standard American bullshit to continue.  Shame on all of you and remember 16 years later, I am still here, I don't give a fuck what you have to say, I don't care about your cry baby bullshit, mall ninja, idiot, asshat behavior.  I will speak my mind and I myself will post things so that everyone can see because I have more traffic than you idiots do all day long.  I am tired of addressing idiots, tired of having to explain common sense issues, tired of it all, but it is not going to change America has failed the children with education and we are all surrounded by idiots.  So complaining about it is pointless, but making damn sure that people become aware of this issue and get pissed off about it so that they too change this and get self empowered and motivated to make this country a better place again, regardless of creed, color, race, gender, sexual orientation, alien status, pc bullshit, and thin skinned pussies.  I want you to get angry and change that is the goal.

So lets start with something so simple that many can not figure out, even some older people have forgotten what they have learned because they have not used their brains for so long and been around mindless morons.  Closing a butterfly knife at the front of the handles will be very difficult thus more effort is needed because there is more resistance, if you move your hand back to the back of the handle there is less effort needed because there is less resistance.  You can adjust the tang pins or the handles to make things close easier but with use and abuse things will become loose over time, so having them tight is good.  Older people have issues with their hands and squeezing things becomes a problem, this arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms so be aware that if you suffer from these you very well might have issues.  Adjusting the handles is not rocket science you can use a needle file.  I have a forum set up for people that need tutoring and lessons because they removed shop class and mechanical classes from school.  I now know it is not your fault that you are so daft about things.  I am sorry that Americans are the only ones in the world that have problems like this.  I am amazed that everyone else on the planet can figure things out and have such positive attitudes about things and thank you for putting up with all the Americans, please if you see any just realize they have not been taught, they are neglected and kept to remain dumb and uneducated on purpose and only those educated can instruct them to change and encourage them to better themselves.

Hey and most importantly let things be funny, laugh, enjoy life, laugh at what you don't know and accept that you need change and that change is good for you, don't buy into the internet searches, people who bitch, cry, and complain go out of their way to post ill but those who are happy and content simply come back and continue to buy things and don't post that they were happy.  So remember how tainted and slanted the view is on things online and make choices of your own not based on what shit others slander and defame and abuse.  Be your own person, be empowered, be educated, be smart, be different.

Legality of definitions to define the objectiveness of the use of words.  Shit is defecation that extrudes the anus.  Scum is what is around a bathroom sink.  It is a fowl odor ring that is left from mineral deposits and soap.  A bag is what you put something into.  A SCUM BAG is a fowl odor ring that is placed into a bag.  This is to OBJECTIFY the use of words for the legality of the doctors of words.

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