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Why We Use Socket Head Screws

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Socket Head Screws have larger heads this means you can use a larger screwdriver bit to tighten and loosen them.  When you use pan or flat head screws the HEX pattern is smaller and easier to strip out.  Most guys are not careful with assembly and stripping out screws is a pain in the ass.  So we encourage the use of socket head screws so that things are easy to assemble and re-assemble and make modifications.  However, when the head is bigger you can put more force and the screw and it then becomes easer to break the heads off, so know your own strenth and don't be a neanderthal when putting things together.  If you are mechanically inclined and understand that you can use pan head or flat head screws then just take your time not to strip the heads out because it is quite a pain in the ass when dealing with such small screws.  If you do damage things then use easy outs or reverse drill bits.

1/16" Reverse Left Hand High Speed Drill Bit For Removing Screws
1/16" Reverse Left Hand High Speed Drill Bit For Removing Screws

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