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Exiled Cutlery Limited Edition Ti43 Kickass Polished Milled Titanium D2 Stainless Steel Bowie Piston Latch Balisong Butterfly Knife KIT

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Complete KIT Model You Build It Yourself.

Safe To Import To Australia, Canada, New Zealand  & The UK & Anywhere in the World.

Exiled Cutlery Limited Edition Ti43 Kickass Polished Milled Titanium D2 Stainless Steel Bowie Piston Latch Balisong Butterfly Knife KIT

Kicking Everyone's Arse Down The Block & Back !!!

D2 Steel Bowie Blade Bronze Phos Washers

Solid Milled Titanium Cast Machined Channel Constructed Handles

Self Sealing Screws

HEX Head Pivots (With set screw)

Slotted Handle Hardware

You heard correct, solid one piece milled Titanium slabs !!!

Square Piston Latch


  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Blade Thickness:  7/64"
  • Blade Material: 14-4CrMo Stainless Steel
  • Overall Length: 9 3/8"
  • Closed Length: 5 1/2"
  • Weight: 4.2 oz

Hardware Specifications:

  • HEX Head pivots with easy access to apply threadlocker
  • Slotted Handle hardware for easy access to replace spring

14-4CrMo Stainless Tool Steel Composition:

  • C 1.05
  • Mn .50
  • Si .30
  • Cr 14.00
  • Mo 4.00

 14-4CrMo is a wear resistant, martensitic stainless tool steel that exhibits better corrosion resistance than Type 440C stainless steel. The molybdenum in the steel provides superior corrosion resistance compared to some higher-chromium stainless steels. The combination of the high carbon and molybdenum contents results in the formation of hard, wear-resistant molybdenum carbides in the microstructure of the steel. These molybdenum carbides provide superior wear resistance and edge retention for cutting tools and knives.

The asshats on the forums said it could not be done so here is a big FU to you.

This was the model that was made in the first place but the evildoers of Benchmade lied about patents on this model blocking the sale with notions that sinced they owned the word BALI-SONG no US seller was allowed to use the word BALISONG.  They bullied butterfly makers and sellers about the use of the word until Roadsideimports filed for a TTAB trial at the US Trademark office to revoke it as a generic term and to put an end to Benchmade bullying people.  However, when asked about the patents conserning the BM42 Benchmade directly lied about having patents on the model and it took over 5 years to get the information out of them and having them admit they did not.  Their excuse was they had too many patents and did not know, which is a load of shit consideirng they went sue happy in 2008 and went after everyone with their Benchmite patent.  There were countless lawsuits over their Benchmite and the Safety Locks on Automatic knives.  They put companies and individuals into litigation over matters and cost them thousands in court and lawyer negotiations.  Many companies and individuals signed non-disclosure agreements making it so they could not ever speak about the problems giving up their 1st Amendment rights.  Roadsideimports refused this and went through the court system representing themselves.  Benchmade failed to serve the LLC correctly and was told this on countless conversations, so the judgment is invalided because the did not serve the company in a legal way.  The judgement only occured because the owner was so tired of battling over a 5 year court procedures that a paper to the judge was filed 2 days to late to ask that the case go to trial because negotiations with the company was futile.  The judge did only award them $2000 which again is not legal under the law since the company was never legally served.  This issues still is ongoing and Benchmade refuses to accept anything and has posted slanderous information on their website about Roadsideimports and then went further with the Exiled Cutlery project as to tell sellers they were not allowed to sell Exiled Cutlery products and remain their distributors which infridges on fair trade and monopolizing the industry.  Benchmade's tactic to control the balisong butterfly knife world in the USA is with tactics of frivolous lawsuits, outright lying on patents, restricting open market fair trade which is monopolizing the market place and have done this long enough.  This war is far from being over and those who actually do their research will see what has truly happened over the last 20 years.

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