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No. 42 Red Threadlocker - Medium Strength

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A Must Have for assembling and fixing Balisong Butterfly Knives !!!

Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesive No. 42 prevents corrosion, vibration and shock resistant.

hreadlocker Anaerobic Adhesives are one-component anaerobic adhesives that cure and seal threaded assemblies that meet a wide range of applications to prevent vibration loosening and/or leakage. All products provide excellent vibration, corrosion, and shock resistance. Engineered to provide different strengths, temperatures, nut/bolt sizes, and other requirements, some threadlockers allow removal and meet various selections depending on the specific application.

• No. 42 is a general purpose, permanent, high strength threadlocker that locks bolts and studs up to 1" in diameter as it seals against leakage and corrosion.




Chemical Base
Container Volume
Full Cure Time - Temperature & Time
24 hours @ 23 C (73 F)
Viscosity (cps)
400 - 600
Storage Temperature
72 Degree Fahrenheit
Fastener Size Range
1/2"- 1"
Breakaway Torque Range (in.lbs)5,6
180 - 410
Temperature Range (°F)
-65 to 300

Handling Information:

Directions for Use
Threadlocker Anaerobic Adhesives are not recommended for use on most plastics due to potential cracking of plastic parts. Also, they are not recommended for use in piping systems that contain pure oxygen or an oxygen-rich environment, chlorine, or strong oxidizing substances.

For Assembly
1. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil, grease and dirt. For best results, clean and dry parts with solvent.
2. If not sure of surface type, always use activator. Refer to Material Surface Activity and Cure Speed section for more information.
3. Shake the adhesive bottle well before use.
4. Avoid touching the metal surfaces with the bottle tip since the metal ions may react with the adhesive upon contact and eventually may clog the bottle tip.
5. Apply adhesive onto the threaded part where the contact area will be in the final assembly. For larger parts, use more adhesive and rotate the threaded part to spread adhesive evenly around contact area.
6. For through holes, apply several drops of adhesive onto the bolt at the nut engagement area. For blind holes, apply several drops of the adhesive down the internal threads to the bottom of the hole.
7. Assemble the nut/fastener and tighten as required.
8. Allow assemblies to set for sufficient time so that handling strength or full cure will occur before further processing or testing.

For Disassembly
1. Loosen or remove with regular hand tools.
2. If hand tools do not work due to the assembled parts being well tightened, apply localized heat (approximately 490°F) to the nut or bolt and disassemble while parts are still hot. Use extreme caution when working with heat sources (e.g. heat gun, flames, etc.

Material Surface Activity and Cure Speed

 Active (Fast)

• Brass
• Bronze
• Commercial aluminum
• Copper
• Iron
• Kovar®
• Manganese
• Monel®
• Nickel

Inactive (Slow)

• Anodized aluminum
• Cadmium
• Chemical black oxide
• Galvanized steel
• Gold • Inconel®
• Magnesium
• Magnetite steel
• Plated parts
• Pure aluminum
• Silver
• Stainless steel
• Zinc


Store product in cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

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