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Shipping To The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Orders To UK Are Welcome.

Email me if you have questions and we will make sure your import is legal.

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You can order from any of my websites however the above two are the best for your needs, all items that have import issues will be shipped in parts.

The only execption is if you are military, law enforcement or are a prop company for theater and television and you will need to email me the import permit.

If no permit is emailed to me then things will be shipped in parts

Ordering parts is not an illegal thing to do, what you do with those parts if you put them together with other parts very well might break local laws but you are responsible for your own actions because you are an adult.

You are responsible for your own actions and responsible for knowing your own country’s laws.


Known Issues with BRITISH POST

Just like any government agency on the planet people who work for the government are lazy and do is a piss poor job.

The only honorable jobs in the governent are firefighters and the military because they put their lives on the line for people and most times for people who are ungrateful.

But lets get back to the point, shipping to the UK most times takes 7 to 10 days by normal post however customs can delay things for 45 days.

So if you are a control freak and want your items quickly then don’t be a cheap ass about things and use EXPRESS MAIL as the shipping option.

If you use EXPRESS MAIL, things arrive quickly and Canadian Customs are not such assholes with things either.

Tracking with BRITISH POST

  • Standard Letter Post is fine in most cases, but people who are manic and crazy that desire tracking then it is suggested that they use only EXPRESS MAIL.
  • Express Mail is 5 to 7 days with no delays in customs processing and Customs Labels begin with E
  • So again, to drill it into your heads, in fact smack yourself upside your head, so that you know you are paying attention to things, only EXPRESS MAIL has tracking that works all the time.
  • Issues with tracking can occur if Express Mail is not used. Lost mail, seizures, and stolen mail are all issues the buyer will assume unless they use Express Mail.
  • Shipping Times for internatinal shipments via letter post, normal post, & Priority are 7-10 days but customs can delay things for 45 days, this is not normal but can occur.
  • No shipments internationally will have tracking with Letter Post and the Customs Labels begin with LN
  • Does that mean that Letter Post does not work? No it works fine but tracking is not available to most places with this method.
  • Normal Post & Priority have Customs Labels begin with LZ and should be trackable.

Shipping Addresses

Using Multiple Shipping Addresses will speed things up with the multiple shipments, so if you have multiple shipping addresses please put them in the comment section on the order and tell me which addresses to ship to so that your order shipments can be sent quicker than using just one address.  Multiple addresses are not needed but it will speed things along.

Don’t take anything as an insult to Brits because I am one and I will be offended well before you decide to be.

Learn The Legality Of This & Justify Things Correctly For Work

Don’t take anything as an insult to Brits because I am one and I will be offended well before you decide to be.

On 17th April, 2008 Barber William Seyssel of Blades of Glory was allowed to use and have a FLICK KNIFE.  Flick knives are illegal in this country but are lawful if used as part of a profession.

Now to me this is fine, a little stupid if you ask me on a personal note but fine because I believe in the freedom to live life and to have rights.  So with this guy being able to have it for his job, then I believe anyone in the MILITARY in the UK, who is Law Enforcement, an Electrician, a Worker of any sort that needs the item for day to day work tasks is legal under the law and this is solid proof of this that you can argue in a court of law and win.

HM Customs is a pain in the arse so don’t fool yourself.

I completely understand how to ship back home m8’s and I will go out of my way to help you guys, so feel free to email me with any questions that you might have.

The best to avoid the fannies in HM Customs is to use the rules to play the game.

If HM Customs really did their jobs to keep Brits safe, well they would address the issues with scumbag immigrants that seem to want to kill the native people instead of reaping misery on those who are seriously from the country.

HM Customs Agents are a bunch of wankers, I ship to the Briitish Military all the time, but guys, you can’t order Automatic Knives period, even if you take bullets in Iraq and Afganistan and fight alone side the Americans, the fannies back home with jobs that mean nothing more than a drain on tax payer money seem to pull their pants up and think they have supremacy.  So you will have to have a permit or simply avoid all the nonsense and order KIT models.

The liberal sissies that contol the UK have made it so that good hard working real British people can’t do anything to protect themselves or defend themselves.  I truly hate politicians and their corrupt views because they are such a bunch of lieing, thieving tossers that deserve to be hung themselves.

You can go buy a MACHETTE in London with no problem.  I would like to know what exactly do you use a machette for in London?

What is the point?

Knife Crime is a problem in the UK, that is true.  But what do they use to commit crimes?

Statistically, they use FIXED BLADE KNIVES.


Any moron with half a brain would never use a knife that folds to stab things because if the lock fails then you wouldn’t have any fingers left.

So if you use the data correctly then KITCHEN KNIVES and those MACHETTES are the real problem, so perhaps you should have permits and licensing for such knives and leave the pocket knives in the hands of the law abiding citizens.

Then honestly, if knife crime is such a problem with the youth, won’t don’t you address the real issues.  You allow your children to play violent games, watch violent shows and don’t discipline them at all.  I honestly think the British are failing at raising their youth because they have piss pour parenting skills and perhaps the real issue of this should be addressed instead of blaming objects and things for the trouble of the youths.  You have to get a license to do anything in the UK so perhaps they should issuse a license to be able to be a parent.

Grow some balls for a change, pull the finger out of your arse and accept the truth of the matter and deal with the problem and stop placing the blame on other people and objects for your failures with things.

If being a parent is to raise your children and prepare them for the adult world, then I’d like to ask you what would happen if you went up to a police officier and told him to "Go Fuck Himself" or insult him?

Let’s see in most places you’d get your ass kicked, beaten with a club, handcuffed and then thrown into the back of a car and taken to jail.

Huh, so talking back to your parents means you should get spanked and sent to time out becasue that is what real life experience is but the liberal sissy idiots argue that it is child abuse.

No, it really isn’t because it teaches the truth with consequences and really does prepare for the adult world.  I didn’t say to abuse childern, so don’t take me out of context either.

That is my rant, now back to business.

There are exemptions to things, butterfly knives are legal to own in the UK but you can’t carry them around in public at all and they are banned as an import, so guys use your head and play by the rules and you know what I mean because I specifically set up Categories for you.

Then Automatics actually are not illegal in the home or at work providing that they pre-date the 1958 ban, or you can prove you need it for work.  There is an idiot in London who cuts hair with an Italian Stiletto Filick Knife and he is allowed to have it at work becasue it is a tool he claims he needs for work.

Pretty much rubbish to me, but I like his style because it take precedence to those who need it for a construction job, those that might have arthritis, or some physical ailment, or anyone that can justify their reason to have it at work.

Fire brigade, Police, Ambulance, or any Rescue, Military you guys all have ample reasons to have such a tool to work with.

I ship to the RAF, the Royal Marines, the Royal Army, no problem

But like I said remember the import laws, don’t break them and play by the rules and I will go out of my way to ensure you get what you want so you can have the life saving tools you need for your job tasks.


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